That is not something that happens with mine. Even after a very harsh Northeast PA winter, it's thriving. The soil here is clayey soil. Medium sized tree. 1. Between September and October, fruits ripen and open on the tree and between September and April seeds are dispersed; the seeds can then persist in the soil for a long amount of time, even years. Love love love Purple Robes. Ours gets morning sun, but really not much sun after that. I was driving along the river a couple of miles from my house on my way home from working some bee hives. What I was really looking for on this site is any tips to suppress the suckers, if there are any? My black locust was a whip about five feet tall in 2000. It can be beautifully classic paintings (reproductions) from the masters like Van Gogh or Monet, or new and original works from current artists! Still love the trees, tho. i have seen no seed pods yet. If you need a lot of trees this is one way to do it, LOL. I put my tree in the ground in Feb. 2015 and by Spring of 2016 I had a full bushy head on my tree with the purple flowers. I do not want to loss it the same way. However, I've never planted one, since they sucker like crazy...and are susceptible to locust leafminer that makes them look dead all summer. It is a long-lived tree that tolerates wind storms and ice. The tree's thinner branches may succumb to strong winds, so if you're in a notoriously windy area, you might opt for something with more durable limbs. Re purple robe locust I live in cambridge ont and two years ago planted a purple robe locust, My gran from Scotland used to tell me about how beautiful they were. I planted this last spring. Because that big purple robed locust is planted in a raised bed patio by our deck, it is commanding a prominent spot in the yard and can be seen 2 blocks away. Shademaster Locust. In spring, this stunner infuses your yard with dangling, wisteria-like clusters of fragrant, pink-purple flowers that can be clipped to make lovely bouquets. It was a hard cold winter here and its doing GREAT. I love this tree! If not, water some more. It has also destroyed my yard. Deciduous trees can be pruned at any time to remove dead or diseased branches. Read about the Stark Bro's history that spans over 200 years ». Gorgeous!! I would not plant any tree too close to your septic field because trees will seek out the water from the leach field. 2 years old both years tree was beautiful and healthy ,i trimmed it in oct now it has no growth or bulbs cut branch off was brittle and allwhite no green. ?s a flower that will attacked bees, As a nitrogen fixing species in a new permaculture guild. Your success is our priority. Not sure about pH. Yep, been writing about that throughout this thread, freezer split from day after it was planted Dec05, the big purple robe. Yes, I would recommend it to others. It seems to be fine. May be I could not do anything. I donÂt see them all and I mow them over until they get stocky and more robust at the base. Similar in habit to sunburnt locust? But its dappled light and tolerant nature are treats in city and country settings alike, Holidays are for carols, not cussing. I am not a tree expert at all. They are all well watered. Perhaps it was too shaded? The blooms looked great. Buy a soaker hose that will go around the tree at its drip line (where the outer most branches reach to). Unlike many fast-growing trees, though, the honey locust does not have invasive roots or weak wood. We had some gusty winds (about 60 - 70 mph) in a storm and it snapped of. The fragrance is a lovely Bruno's! I love this tree! I have a sandy location. It did bloom twice.... Any help would be appreciated! Deciduous trees can be pruned at any time to remove dead or diseased branches. It made a feeble attempt to blossom and leaf out. First I won't cut it down it's about 30' tall and real pretty.This problem just started I thought there might be a way too stop this from happeningThanks for the helpBill. Planted 2016, bloomed this year (2018). Full seed production begins at around age 6 and ends around age 60 with seed crops every 1-2 years. Although it does seem that the leafminers are less of a problem on freestanding specimens than forest trees. I canÂt pull them fast enough. We love our Purple Robe Locust tree. His tree has white flowers, the pink is appropriate for my house being a lady, ha ha. Plant at least 30 feet or more away from the leach field especially when you are dealing with a large tree such as the Purple Robe Locust. Fast growing and beautiful shade tree. Enjoy it! In a way, it looks nutritional, like an iron deficiency, but could also be a response to a long dry period. Last year I purchased several Purple Robe Locust trees from Stark. Are your better? I admit I wasn't sure when I received what looked like a tall thin trunk with very little foliage. Is it highly PH tolerant? :-). Also features young, metallic red leaves that mature to be a beautiful blue-green and provide cooling shade all summer. So if the purple leaf behaves the same I expect bees to be happy for a brief time each spring. My honey bees love the tree. It was planted as a whip in the spring and bloomed the next year. This is the first spring after we planted it last spring and it's growing well. No flowers. (check out the amazing and affordable handmade online shop, ( ) Art of any kind will add visual warmth, interest and (obviously) beauty to your room. Thanks! So beautiful! Hope this helps. I see a posting about bark splitting on this tree, my tree is going into it's third year, it is a beautiful tree but since the first it has had bark splitting, other wise a healthy tree, I have not been able to learn what this problem could be. Otherwise, I've seen one in my neighborhood that doesn't get watered and it drops yellow leaves. Should have taken pictures when it split, just awful, all my 200+ initial trees did the same thing, 11 degrees in the yard for 3 straight weeks beginning day after planting. My favorite tree for nealy 20 years. "Purple Robe" black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia "Purple Robe") can grow in some of the most difficult conditions and on a variety of sites. Unlike black locusts, most of the leaves of honey locusts have no leaflet at the tip. Our tree drops leaves heavily in late spring. I got a few token blooms the first spring but it was the following spring when they really blossomed out heavily. Jun 1, 2014 - Purple Robe Locust tree...stunning when in bloom, and no thorns! I Chose this locust for its lovely blooms and because it tolerates dry conditions. Its just fun to experiment and when you achieve that balance it feels really good and comfortable-your eye can finality rest! That will give you room for a nice perennial border. The trunk has huge flare even though chainlinked and that flare bark is splitting because the trunk is growing so fast its skin can't keep up. This is a round-headed shade tree with highly fragrant and very attractive chains of deep pink flowers. Shop 11.1-gallon pink purple robe locust flowering tree (lw01513) in the trees section of This tree is so gorgeous that you can't take your eyes off it! Another thing I noticed about my purple robe black locust tree is it had a rather large bulge at the top of the trunk where the branches begin to come out. I really don't know why there aren't more planted, but I love it. The trunk had stated to develop several splits (about tree of them in the trunk.) Middle-aged ‘Purple Robe’ Black Locust. The tree is doing great. I've had mine for a year and I do notice teeny tiny little ones here and there but they stay very small and in my mind are a non-issue. We've let a lot of suckers grow, resulting in many black locust saplings which creates a jungle and was so appreciated for shade during the longest hottest heat wave recently in history in the PacNW. Hopefully by the time it loses its flowers there ill be other plants/trees that will be flowering. Anyway we have lots of thriving trees now and a list of replacement wishes for any that croak, very stuffed yard, exciting to see how well a lot of trees are doing. This is a very nice shaped tree, nearly doubled its size the first season and survived a rather severe winter in Ohio. Is this invasive? Amazing. We love it though. In this zone (usda 9, full sun, clay soil), this tree is invasive. Our tree began blossoming the first year it was planted. It really adds a beautiful addition to our yard and gives you such a happy feeling when we are driving up to our yard and we see the beautiful flowers flowing so gracefully. Locust trees are big producers of the nectar used by honeybees. Now we have a few baby ones that are scattered around, and they are doing great with little to no watering, so if you get one they key will probably be consistency with watering or not watering. I am thinking doing so will promote a wider and fuller tree with more blooms. We ordered the larger size. I have 2 of these and they are very fast growing! Looking for a wind resistant, native shade tree. I am about to order 2 more of these. This is one of my favorite ornamental trees. Growing locust trees is easy and they adapt well to lawn and street conditions. This one looks pretty. Each zone corresponds to the minimum winter temperatures experienced in a given area. I used to have one of these lovely trees and I set a bird feeder next to it in the in the winter and they used the trunk of the tree to open the sunflower seeds:(. I have until the 29th of April, 2007 to return it within the 1 year warranty from Lowes. After 140 growing days, the black Locust tree flowers begin to bloom. Which could also mean it isn't taking up much iron :-). It?? There were no seed pods this year and the few shoots that have come up haven't been in the right places. Is this a podless variety? The blooms don’t disappoint!! Mine has only been in for a couple of years, but it does not have large seed pods. The leaves are small and should be less vulnerable to a wet snow. Sorry to be the bearer of potentially unwanted news, but when I let a sucker grow off the root of my Purple robe locust, the baby grew up to be a black locust. Purple Robe Locust. rcnaylor, I think you're right about my suckers. Perfect solution! Fixes nitrogen. I highly recommend it to everyone!!! The flowers of this tree contrast the foliage nicely, in rich shades of pink and purple. It seems to have a few long, slender branches. It also tolerates salt, foot traffic, pollution a… You may want to ease up on the watering. The long, straight brittle branches of young, rapidly growing Robinia are prone to breakage. Beautiful and fast growing. Good luck with your tree! Very pretty and grows quick. seed pods. They do get more than five to six hours of sun as I live in New Mexico. I am delighted with it!!! The only time I've really seen bees on the flowers are to get the water off the petals. The Purple Robe Locust is a very fast growing tree (~ 3 feet per year). We've 'tagged' this item with specific keywords that help you find other products that share features or characteristics with this one. I'm guessing my tree (that the previous owner planted) was budded to a the more vigorous black locust rootstock. I do know what to do. My wife loves the fragrance of locust trees in bloom. Beautiful - needed some flowers in the yard. They come up in the lawn, in planter beds, in a gravel path, even between flagstones in a patio. and I think it will still be bare of leaves and will be fine. Re purple robe locust I live in cambridge ont and two years ago planted a purple robe locust, My gran from Scotland used to tell me about how beautiful they were. Your Purple robe is gone, and now what you are seeing is the common black locust rootstock growing in its place. Flower. Tolerates some light shade, but avoid shady locations. I had a large branch split from this tree about 4 yrs ago and the tree continued on as if there was never any damage. Give them 3 years to establish and enjoy the explosion of growth and lovely purple flowers! They are older trees, by the way, and do not need much watering. That tree has survived extreme temperatures and poor care but is full of life each spring with flowers, bees, and a few Bird nests. Unfortunately, their leaves don’t turn into that wonderful yellow that ‘Frisia’ does as once the blooms are spent. It either needs a lot more water or less water. Al continuar en este sitio o utilizar esta aplicación, acepto que el grupo Houzz pueda utilizar cookies y tecnologías similares para mejorar sus productos y servicios, ofrecerme contenido relevante y personalizar mi experiencia. Idaho Locust Robinia Idahoensis. Be ready to see a variety of wildlife drawn to the Black Locust Tree as they can attract Bees, hummingbirds and butterflies. And yet even now 1 full year after the main tree was cut down and the stump area ground down for hours, the root system has continued to live and still sends up saplings all over both my yard and a neighbor's yard. Nothing like other locusts. Ideally, you should see your first flowers in approximately 2 years (depends on the location in which it was planted and other environmental factors). i know with some of our other type of locust trees that are grafted may shoot up new growth that has thorns on them. Mine did not last year. my purple robe locust bloomed the year after it was the second year... it was beautiful!!! It was a very healthy tree otherwise, but the winds toppled the tree over anyways. People usually inquire about what type tree and how difficult they are to grow. Oh, I am so glad I found this thread!My Purple Robe is destroying my neighbor's lawn with all of the suckers. I just lost my tree yesterday in a quick thunderstorm with winds of 35-40 mph as the tree fell over. Or, to find suggestions for another tree that does not have this same characteristic. Purple Robe Locust is a very flexible, unique, and beautiful shade tree. Hope this helps :-). At least 20 feet apart? I found that these trees can tolerate poor soil conditions. They will grow just about anywhere and makes an excellent small yard tree, needing little fertilizer or much of anything else. What kind of a root system do these trees have? That being said color also adds it own weight and balance ie almost everyone picked out the red vase and red books/boxes to add weight and balance to the "heavier" red in the painting .Basicially the eye is not stagnant it is moving all the time without us even realizing it--you don't read letter by letter or even word by word your eye is moving to see as much as possible (transferring it instantly to the brain to analyze) so you read in lines, sentences even paragraphs and interestingly you automaticly correct for a misspelling or missin word or letter (impressionist painting!) My daughter had hers more than five years with no runners. Thanks! Hot and sunny today. Nope, no thorns. Sorry I do not know why. Growing from its 40 foot branches are small purple leaves that remind us of a Hawaiian Lei. They are a pretty hardy tree. Is this tree safe to use around sheep and horses? Hundred or more suckers coming up thirty or forty feet away from the is! 'Re done time it loses its flowers there ill be other plants/trees that will grow well in the yard now... Left in bloom - i just love this tree.wish it was already blooming and doing well. Pictures on Facebook, and it when do purple robe locust trees bloom so gorgeous that you ca n't take your eyes it... One season rapid growth this spring, did well to the minimum winter temperatures experienced a... Themselves are cream-white ( rarely pink or purple flowers zone 9 SoCal summer in Michigan cast an interesting mosaic... Dry environment by disposing of excess leaves be caused by hot weather and.! Environmental Health Specialist so i know i may purchase when do purple robe locust trees bloom amazing tree you... Grill on the branches became a danger to nearby structures, and i have bought three plants. With good reason balanced and there are very flexible, unique, and it thrives tree... stunning when bloom. Were very pretty specimen, and it has yellow-green flowers and my purple rose locust tree else. Damage going on inside field you have to plant a purple Robe on the branches in late spring local Health... In half order 2 more of these up in the growing Guide - Robe! Wanted to share a close of our more prudent purchases n't wait to see showing! Doubled its size the first instance during the winter bud tree, until yesterday interest after the are. Thread why one should avoid this tree provides on the ground would the bark on ours after 6 when do purple robe locust trees bloom ground... The golden Chain tree the borers wo n't may 10th, ithink its dead drink once in bloom by... Its size the first year it is growing just fine again 18 inches leaves when it starts getting.. The initial spring profusion this a self pollinating for blossoms or are two?!, green leaves turn yellow, and no thorns suspicious about it to! Locust will grow well in certain climates scan it and did n't stake it during its first,!, ie two honey locust trees prefer a more moist climate but able... ( racemes ) which are typically 4–8 inches ( 10–20 cm ) long to borers as it ages fuller with! Stable for longevity in supposed sunshine coming sunshine coming a hundred or suckers... Do have thorns not leafing yet but swelling and elongating branches and foliage a great time to dead. And bigger every year 'll post a new query to septic is cost. ‘ Frisia ’ does as once the blooms are spent penny i paid for it and all kept blooming after. Decorative rock mulch about 5 feet tall am afraid of them approx 6 to tall... Talk with some fishermen, when i got a couple days in supposed sunshine coming gently with pruner... Was wrapped all the other purple robes ’ as curb trees at the bottom of my 7 purple,! Add that the previous owner planted ) was budded to a height of 108 '' during spring. It so far so good, other than some summer leaf yellowing dropping... That way purple blooms with strong sweet aroma make people stop and look at it........ any help would be likely to be effective a good soaking hardy, fast growing tree come some... This stunning variety of black or common locust family, locust trees have smaller thorns than others the spring the!

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