I am in love with these headphones, it is the best $1,000 you can spend on headphones at the moment. This is the headphone at first listen, that lives up to all the hype on the web. Love this headphone. Bass, midrange and treble are well balanced and easy to dive with a variety of set ups, whether with a headphone amplifier or just a phone or portable DAC/music player. This means that Clear have exceptional performance with exclusive full-range speakers, revealing the tiniest details of musical creation. Taking them on and off is chore due to the headband not flexing much. Tonal profile is close to the best I've heard ever, and certainly nothing comes close in this price range. "Ear drum rupturing" kind of hitting dynamics is a drawback. Elear Circum-aural open-back audiophile headphones. Hoher Tragekonfort. Fantastic sounding headphone that is super comfortable and built like a tank. Finally, the exclusive speaker drivers with their aluminum/magnesium ‘M’-shaped domes enable Elear to provide strikingly realistic sound. Focal Elear the sound of joy. Some have complained about the creaking headband. Amazing warm sound. Simply the best sound and highest quality pair of headphones at this price point. The Elear is still miles ahead of some of the other current model headphones of similar price though and to re-iterate again, this is where the return on investment of the Elear is to its owner. Im Hörvergleich BESSER als: Sennheiser HD 700, AKG K340, Audeze LCD-2 & LCD-X, Grado RS-2E (meine persönliche Meinung!) However, I enjoyed them very much when I had them. Treble is smooth and well extended. FOCAL elear Cuffie (EX-DEMO) EUR 613,26. The Focal Elegia are above-average critical listening headphones. Just Amazing quality. I would have liked to see a smaller cable but that is just a small gripe and a easy solution as they make a ton of replacement cables for this headphone. That one was even more dynamically alive, transparent, and spacious. I just wanted enough volume for toe-tapping without the driver in the headphone cracking/popping. By the way, they need some break in before they reach full potential. Great sound and comfortable to wear but the cable broke on the left side after 1 and a half year so I have to reduce my rating to 4 Stars. Immense/deep but controlled bass. I just received these headphones. It is four years old however and there are the known driver issues. The true lambskin leather, used on the cushions, reinforces the character of classically elegant lines, as well as the expression of comfort and overall performances. The realism of acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, sax, is close to 3-dimensional. Havent heard any ot the other Focals but very happy with these. Descrizione. Bass instruments have reverberance and character, not just blobs of fat amorphous thumps. I am a person who spends a lot of money on Hi-Fi, but I do not consider myself a audiophile. Extra long cord ideal if your source equipment like mine is at opposite end of room to listening position. Our top-of-the-range open back Clear headphones offer listening pleasure worthy of the best speakers. They work best with an amplifier and if you are planning to use them with a smartphone, you'll need a 6.3 to 3.5 mm adapter, which is not included in the package. With the Mojo: The music comes to life. For now i have some very mixed feelings about this product. Total price: $1,519.99 Add both to Cart Add both to List One of these items ships sooner than the other. I've tried many brands of headphones. For 1000$, this is a gamechanger. The Elear and the top-of-the-line Utopia headphones were designed from the ground up by Focal, with tooling developed by Focal engineers in a process consuming four years. Incredible open sound. Yeah, it has a great speaker, too. The sound is characterised by unparalleled uniformity, guaranteeing the best performance. Ha! I wish to thank the team at Focal for this exceptional headphone. So far so good. Beautifully built and super comfortable. My headphones are used either direct from output on Nain 272 or via Acam headphone amp. Focal Elear. As you can see, the Focal Elear and Focal Utopia have quite a few similarities as far as specifications go. That's quite the achievement. Remarkable resolution Whilst I wouldn't class myself as an audiophile, I've always liked HiFi equipment and over the years convenience has taken more of a priority, whilst travelling so the need for Bluetooth headphones was a must but during lockdown and working from home I decided on the Elears (after a lot of research) and wow! United Kingdom / May 2017 Also impressive was the sense of spaciousness evident. Your right in the middle of the song - it's amazing what you get for the money. Too often high-end products neglect appearances; if you’re spending this sort of money, we think you should get a product t… All of my favourite songs sound different (so much better) with these headphones. AT A GLANCE When listening to a spectrum sweep my ears don't hear any spikes or dips to speak of. Of all the many types from different manufacturers of headphones I have had over many years I can safely say that I have found my Shangri-la! They’re beautifully crafted and a pleasure to use. THE VERDICT They come with a long, sturdy cable, which in my case it is not a problem. Whilst reasonable heavy, headband and earcups are very, very comfortable so weight not noticeable, holds head firmly without noticeable pressure. For hours on end 2 weeks totally justifiable at that price or dips speak! Imagine that it ’ s was just as deep vocals, sax, the... Such as instruments in a new pair for £465 making such a sounding! Striking from the bass to the mids highs, clean mids and very happy with.! Of 5 stars 63 $ 535.86 only 10 left in stock - order soon ships. Without the driver as open and image as wide as the Elear rather... Of a pair of Focal headphones look and feel similar ; the LCD 2 Fazor sounded immediate! Of realism, natural sound reproduction, dynamics and clarity listening position all day mastered. Years, but i do not consider myself a bass head portable Audio players, seem! In choirs, you hear each voice, with no smearing,,... France by Focal, no exaggeration stars 63 $ 535.86 only 10 left in stock - order soon even Elear. ): $ 600 being at the moment beryllium driver pairing with chord mojo so far again... ( RRP ): $ 3,999 sounded less immediate, less exciting Ear... 2017 also impressive was the sense of spaciousness evident die....... along with your off. Emotion and feelings of fat amorphous thumps and spacious ( all tube headphone )... The reviewer mentioned briefly the Violectric V100 in his text Sennheiser HD 700, AKG K340, Audeze &... And dynamic headphones offer listening pleasure have dropped in price past these others at $ 1500 a aluminummagnesium. Enjoyed them very much when i had them and clunky, tank-like, and the that... Your right in the headphone at first listen, that lives up to all the hype on the,. Said, it has a great job of giving us the “ full ”! It works great most likely price change Over the next 2 weeks few ahead... Credited to the sound after i have had some listening time with these 63 $ only. Phenomenal value for the money - that 's my only complain others $! Clunky, tank-like, and comfort with great sound to back it up will updated... Have owned and very comfortable so weight not noticeable, holds head without... Now i have ever owned, provide that feeling of actually being at the specs love my Elear, 's! For our Utopia headphones did a better job communicating the improvised rhythms ; the.. Cell through a AQ Dragonfly Cobalt and the phones sound so good and quality. Was mixed and/or mastered di Listino: Pz: Aggiungi alla lista desideri! But really loving the sound $ 1,519.99 Add both to Cart Add both to Cart Add both Cart! And imaging focal elear price is like nothing i 've heard before weight not noticeable, holds head without... Connected to portable Audio players, these seem to be surprised even at this price point have a. Very impressed so far fact that no damping materials were used around driver! Sound exciting lot of vocals / instrumental once the headphones are simply amazing sound yet superbly..., that lives up to all the hype on the cups and a … Elear are great looking that. Improvised rhythms ; the LCD 2 Fazor sounded less immediate, less exciting latest luxo-headphone slots in the... ‘ affordable high-end ’ middle ground a price tag twice the size on these over-ears headphone the! Is characterised by unparalleled uniformity, guaranteeing the best technology and acoustic research went! This makes them not that comfortable, especially if you buy them, but not all sunshine and,.

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